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Zebra Acrylic Blank / Knife Scales


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Product Information

Ideal for Pen Blanks or Knife Scales

These blanks are made from special polymers which are extremely easy to turn and drill yet are hard enough to take an extremely durable finish. Specifically formulated for turning on the lathe, these acrylic acetate pen blanks cut cleanly and polish up to a dazzling finish. One of the beautiful features of these acrylic pen blanks is that they have a vibrant mixture of colours that swirl and intertwine throughout each blank. This makes each pen blank unique and attractive.

These can be used for pendants, cord pulls etc. You could also carefully cut through the middle and get 2 pen blanks from this blank. They would be approx 114mm x 16.5mm x 20mm depending on thickness of your bandsaw blade.

Acrylics turn similar to wooden pen blanks. The key is to use sharp cutting tools and to polish the blank with a very high grit sandpaper or plastic polish. Acrylic pens achieve their high gloss finish through polishing and do not require a finish on the surface like wooden pens.

This is for 1 blank only. This is an example of the blank you will receive.

Size of the blank is 114mm x 35mm x 20mm.

Please note the size supplied has a manufacturer specification of +/- 2mm.

Product Code: PBUK234

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